Reading Assignment for Thursday, October 29th

Reading Assignment for 10/29

-“Mrs. Bedford’s Music Class” from Songs in Their Heads
-“Humor in the Music Classroom” by Dr. Martina Miranda

Reflection/ Response:
These two class environments were both successful music-making environments, and differed from each other in many ways. It is somewhat hard to identify the focus of each teacher’s teaching style because the two articles were focused on different aspects of teaching, but it seemed to me that the teachers referred to in “Humor in the Music Classroom” had an approach where the students and teachers were on more of an equal level where there could be give and take between the teachers and the students. This was clearly described in their interactions involving humor in the classroom, and it seems that this could be their general approach to teaching their classes. The classroom environment described in this article was clearly a positive and safe one, as is obvious in the use of humor throughout the class.

Mrs. Bedford in “Mrs. Bedford’s Music Class” seemed to take an approach where the teacher holds all the means to music making. She involved the students and kept them actively engaged throughout classes, but she did not provide many opportunities for the students to be the source of the music creating. The environment of this class seemed to be more teacher-centered. It was a positive and very well managed one where the students were learning a great deal about music, but it seemed that the creation of all the music came solely from the teacher.


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