Art of Teaching Children Music Reading Assignment- 10/20/15

Reading Assignment for 10/20/15

For my Art of Teaching Children Music class we had to read two articles and look at a Kodály-related website. We then had to reflect on how the information presented from these sources would help us develop our teaching strategies. 

-“The Ideas of Kodály in America”
-“Integrating Inquiry-Based (Constructivist) Music Education with Kodaly-Inspired Learning”

-Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE)à

There was a lot of good information presented in these different resources. I especially liked the “Integrating Inquiry-Based (Constructivist) Music Education with Kodaly-Inspired Learning” article because of its focus and asking questions in learning. I find it incredibly important to use questions throughout teaching to help students really engage in what they are learning. That article also talked about making the classroom a community of learners, and have everyone learning from one another, including when the teacher learns from students. I find this incredibly important as well, so that the students can have a part in their own education. This makes it more meaningful to them. It goes further to say that in order to do this teachers must be okay with deviating from the plans that they create, and refer to it as more of a guideline. I think that this is a very interesting concept and helps me think of different ways to use lesson plans and how to follow them. In the article “The Ideas of Kodály in America”, I thought it was very helpful how it mentioned different resources we could use for learning about Kodály methods and how to develop those skills. I also thought it was very interesting how it compared the use of the Kodály system in Hungary and in the US. I think it is important to use folk songs to develop a sort of “native” musical language, but, as the article mentioned, I think it is also useful and valuable for the students to use more recent forms of music when teaching in the US as well so that the students can get a wide variety of musical identity that comprises the musical tradition and experience of this country. I chose to look at the site for the Association of American Kodály Educators, and I found that it is a great resource to use as a future music teacher. It presents many of the same ideas as these two articles, focusing on the importance of folk song and inquisitive learning. I found the “Publications” and “Community” tabs particularly useful.


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