Moving to the Beat Lesson & Reflection

Moving to the Beat Lesson & Reflection

In my Art of Teaching Children Music class we had to teach a lesson focusing on keeping a steady beat and following the teacher through movement. Following the lesson we had to reflect upon the experience of teaching.

Here’s my lesson plan for the assignment:

MUE 413 Lesson Plan- Moving to the Beat

Name: Adam Peterson

Date: 8-27-15

Understanding: Music generally has a steady beat or pulse that we can identify and follow.

Skill Development (“I Can…”): “I can keep a steady beat and follow the teacher by watching for signals and signs.”

Materials Needed: recording of “Jump in the Line” instrumental track by Harry Belafonte, computer for sound, phone for recording

-check for comfortable seating positions and good posture
-say “Watch me and do what I do.”
-Single Coordinated Motions:
-16 pat
-16 ears
-16 toes
-Single Alternated Motions:
-16 pat (r/l)
-16 ears (r/l)
-16 toes (r/l)
-Double Coordinated Motions:
-8 pat/snap
-8 ears/shoulders
-8 toes out/in
-Double Alternated/ Complex Motions:
-8 pat/snap (r/l)
-4 ears/shoulders/pat/toe (r/l)
-Single Coordinated Motions:
-16 pat
-16 ears
-16 toes

Assessment: I will formatively assess the students by checking visually and aurally to see if they are keeping a steady beat and successfully performing the movement activities.


Here is the video of me teaching this lesson:

Finally, here is my reflection of the experience:

Moving to the Beat Lesson Reflection

Your Name: Adam Peterson

Lesson: Moving to the Beat

*Primary Criteria: Quality Musicianship and Quality Thinking

Musicianship (5 points): 5
-In tune, accurate pitch
-Accurate rhythm
-Appropriate tempo
Comments: This lesson was, clearly, focused on beat, so the primary musical aspects of this lesson include beat, tempo, phrasing and expression. I felt that I did a good job keeping an accurate and clear beat. Additionally I think that the piece I chose had a good tempo that was upbeat, but not too fast for the lesson. I was very conscious of making sure I followed the phrases of the song in a clear and sensible way.

Leadership (5 points): 5
-Body language
-Facial expression
-Voice tone and volume
-Eye Contact
-Intensity (energy)
Comments: I think that I did a good job with leading the class throughout my lesson. I utilized facial expressions to give clear cues when I was changing where we were keeping the beat. I also made sure to look excited and engaged to encourage the students to be engaged throughout the lesson.

Preparation (5 points): 5
-Knowledge of music
-Knowledge of plan
-Written plan
-Instruments/equipment ready
-Recordings/charts/materials ready
Comments: I felt very well prepared for my lesson. I practiced running through this lesson several times and I even practiced teaching it to two separate people. I had a written plan that I knew well and felt comfortable with. I had it printed out and sitting on the stand next to me in case I needed it for any guiding help. I also had my recording pulled up and ready to go and my phone ready to record the lesson.

Facilitating the Music and Learning Experience (10 points): 9
-Motivation, capturing attention
-Sequencing of steps
-Verbal instructions
-Pace of lesson, flow, transitions
-Flexibility (ability to diagnose and adjust)
-Feedback to the learners
-Continuity/focus of lesson
-Assessment of learning
Comments: I think that I did a good job of catching the attention of the class through my body language and facial expressions. I had made sure when planning to strategically place the changes in the beat pattern with the phrases throughout the song. I was careful to make the changes happen with phrase changes that were clear, making this activity and the movements very musical. I also made sure to assess how the class was doing throughout as I watched them to see if they were understanding the movements of the activity. The one main thing that I felt could have improved upon was the execution of some of the transitions. I messed up a little on two of the transitions between movements, and I think this may have confused the class.

Total Point: 24/25

*Reflection Component (10 points): Watch your teaching video and score yourself on the items above. Make at least one note in each category. Then provide a brief description of why you scored yourself as you did. Consider what went well as what you’d like to change. Set one primary goal and one secondary goal for your next teaching experience.

My Response: I really enjoyed this teaching experience. I think that overall it went quite well. I was very happy with my teaching and leadership throughout the lesson. I planned it clearly and intentionally and I think this really helped with the success of the lesson. I think that I also did a good job of portraying the musicality aspects of doing this lesson that I had hoped to portray. The main thing that I would like to improve would be the transition between the different movements. There were a couple that I messed up on slightly and I would like to do those ones more clearly. Another element that I think I would like to add to this if I were actually teaching this to a class of children would be to have a discussion after the lesson about what the musical reasons would be for doing this lesson. I would love to get the students thinking about what musical skills they were learning throughout the lesson. I would also love to get some of the students up in front of the class leading some of this so that they could be in the position of leadership and get them creating and improvising.


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