Curated List of Sources to Help With Musescore

An Introduction to Musescore:

Musescore is a music writing software. In this system we can compose music and hear it played back to us throughout the notation process.  Musescore is much like the programs Finale and Sibelius, but Musescore is a free online download. There are wonderful musical tasks you can accomplish with Musescore. You can use it to aid in composing music, you can rewrite ensemble parts if necessary if they are too unclear or need some changes for whatever reason, you could also use them to notate music you hear on the radio so you can make an arrangement of it. There are many resources available to help in the learning process of this program. There are tutorials on Youtube, articles on line, discussion boards, websites to help, and the Musescore handbook to name a few.

Here Are Some of My Favorites:

This website has an entire of collection of videos to help understand how to use Musescore:

This website has a nice list of beginning steps in using the program to help build a solid foundation:

This article was written by an experienced user of musescore offering a helping hand:

This is the actual handbook from Musescore itself:

This website has a compilation of examples of projects people have done using Musescore:

And finally, here’s a Youtube tutorial to help:


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